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Diamond Pharma was built with a philosophy focused on the long term:

Total Quality:  We invest in quality in all aspects of our work.  The facilities, technology, materials, and most importantly our people.

Respect: We respect our customers, our partners, our people, and our competitors.  It is the core of who we are.

We don’t look at Pharmaceuticals as a business.  It’s a passion for advancing the manufacturing of Generics and providing quality healthcare to all. 

Our culture is built on quality and trust.  The way we work together and with our partners embodies trust, transparency and close collaboration.

Appreciation of health, life, and the environment: There is nothing more valuable than health. We emphasize the importance of thinking about occupational health and safety in every task we do.Part of our appreciation of life is the appreciation of the environment. We shall take all possible measures that help protecting natural resources.

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