Vistral Mond


– Nervous System Medications –

Composition: Hydroxizine


  • Ampoules: 25, 50 mg/ampoule
  • Oral Syrup: 10 mg/5mL

Dosage Form: Ampoules, Oral Syrup

For More Information:

Therapeutic Category: Psycholeptics


  1. The total management of anxiety, tension, and psychomotor agitation in conditions of emotional stress requires in most instances a combined approach of psychotherapy and chemotherapy.
  2. Alleviating the manifestations of anxiety and tension as in the preparation for dental procedures and in acute emotional problems.
  3. The acutely disturbed or hysterical patient.
  4. The management of anxiety associated with organic disturbances.
  5. To allay the associated anxiety and apprehension attendant to certain types of heart disease.
  6. As adjunctive therapy in alcoholism.
  7. The acute or chronic alcoholic with anxiety withdrawal symptoms or delirium tremens.
  8. As adjunctive therapy in allergic conditions with strong emotional overlay, such as in asthma, chronic urticaria, and pruritus.
  9. As pre- and postoperative and pre- and postpartum adjunctive medication to permit reduction in narcotic dosage, allay anxiety and control emesis, with evaluation the benefits and risks to the mother and fetus.
  10. Controlling nausea and vomiting